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Traditional festivals to the Spring Festival rabbit theme toys jewelry consumption has become the city heat etc. See a jewelry store jewelry store shopping mall etc. will be the rabbit in the eye-catching place of the shape. Like a charm Pandora charms Pandora box especially the citizens of the rabbit is already ready hot buy the rabbit model of gold and silver jade jewelry. According to the personage inside course of study introduces in our city in recent years Chinese zodiac gold and silver souvenir Pandora charm bracelet Pandora bracelet charms sales have been booming. Join businesses act the role ofing is tasted military pandora charms, also successfully created the consumption concept of "year". And a gold prices rising higher factor influence the year of the rabbit gold some handbags up handbags sales are expected to receive more than normal customers. In addition to gold and silver ornaments other material also pin the rabbit model of jewelry. Some with a clean cloth cleaning cloth to wipe the table vendor told reporters: this year the Chinese zodiac class jewelry market heat a little higher than in previous years New Year's day holiday the sales amount is satisfied. At the same time the jewelry industry product is the Spring Festival each year they highlight. Today the gold is expensive buy earlier can also be a little cheaper. Buy some gold jewelry is a kind of investment.

Pandora was launched in 2000 the Pandora bracelet is very popular thus realized the breakthrough. Pandora project architect Luo Enfu LanDeSen and Liz beth byrne larson wants to help women achieve a crowd the conspicuous effect of good let them through the design of their own jewelry expressing his own personality. Thus the development of Pandora turned the direction turn to a different concept of patent interchangeable hanging bracelet. In the design concept of Pandora to provide customers with personalized the opportunity of jewelry is a very important part of. Lish beth larson explained "we want women to express yourself. Jewelry you can fulfill them according to their own ideas to create any combination or appearance." Luo Enfu LanDeSen then said "Pandora's customer collect many different styles to match its existing jewelry it can match your unique shackled antique jewelry fashion jewelry collocation can also and style." Since 1982 Pandora after a successful operation and development has introduced many series of many different designs. Pandora's idea is to create exquisite workmanship enchanting and moving full of the flavor of contemporary combined-type jewelry on the concept of bright interactive way of design is one of the unique brand of Pandora. Nowadays Pandora's headquarters are still located in Denmark but its distribution network has more than 50 countries throughout the world. With strong momentum in recent years Pandora has become the world's largest gold and silver jewelry manufacturers.

Pandora (Pandora jewelry) and the goldsmith pearl by France and Germany sen (Per Enevoldsen) and his wife Winnie (finds) founded in 1982 in Copenhagen Denmark. Pandora bracelet is very popular launched in 2000 to help women to achieve a crowd the conspicuous effect of good let them by "design" their own jewelry expressing his own personality. The bracelet is made of high quality sterling silver and 14 k gold as the material but with more than 700 kinds of gold and silver jewelry collocation swaps optional hanging plutonium includes a wide variety of gemstones pearls enamel and murano glass products. Therefore whether the choice is simple heart brilliant gem acronym teddy bear or other marks pandora charms, is able to acquire the collocation of personality is distinct effect a story of personality self. The concept for consumers around the world provides a great opportunity jewelry portfolio will become personal stories with the innovation of technique is important and memorable moment in the life. This concept has produced Pandora interchangeable plutonium brilliant success of the bracelet. Now it has become the Pandora's basic principles and put it into the type of the company's other match jewelry series rings earrings necklaces and pendants. Each of the products are handmade military pandora charms, to maintain high quality standard of Pandora. With strong momentum in recent years has become a global sales in the third jeweller also is the world's largest gold and silver jewelry manufacturer.

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